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desteny84 a posted Mar 22, 17

We Have just updated the server to 1.11.2! We will also be moving worlds now with the update, very soon we will be switching to a smaller world, and reseting everything. No items from the last world will be transfered sadly, but the new world will be much more filled with new adventure and special things to come! A list of some proposed ideas....

-Smaller world for Closer community

-More Ranks

-More Plugins

-Harder economy(more fun though)

-Custom weapons!!!

-Endgame in the end world(EXTREMELY HARD)

And many more ideas are being brought forth every day.

There are a lot of surprises awaiting in the new world. If any of you are still bitter about losing the old world there will be a link coming out soon for a download of the old map if you wanted your creations saved. 

As of now the old world is still in place if you wish to say goodbyes. More updates will follow!

-Enjoy Cake-

New Beginnings

desteny84 a posted Mar 4, 17

Hello all Cakelicious Citizens and Staff, we appologize for the lack of activity recently, as you may have noticed the server has been going through a transfer of ownership.

♦ As of now, I, Desteny84, will be Owner of Cakelicious.♦

Do not worry thought fiscuit will still come around from time to time, she is just to busy with real life to commit enought time to the server to keep it running. But I am here to reasure you all that this is not the end for cakelicious, simply a new beginning

I will want to talk to any previous staff that read this to get their views before I decide where to go with the server next. but I will try my hardest to keep the server up to date, active, popular, and above all, Fun.

laughing Hope to see you come back soon laughing


BedazzledJesus a posted Jan 24, 17

The server will be up for approximately 1 more month before it will close. I will not be running the server anymore as I am currently too busy with school and life things to keep the server up to date and where it needs to be. 

If there is anyone interested in having ownership of the server, can be complete ownership or part ownership, please contact me via email at or through private messages on discord.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the server until now and we hope you have fun playing on the server.

morphtrust anyone contacted you about this yet?

Holiday Stuff

BedazzledJesus a posted Dec 20, 16

HAPPYHOLIDAY Coupon code can be used in store on any purchases (cash or points) to get a 25% discount off the entire cart!

Also in game /happyholiday command is available for players to redeem a diamond and cake everyday.

Both of these will be available until January 4, 2017. So be sure to use them!

Update (New Plugins)

BedazzledJesus a posted Dec 20, 16

New plugins have been added to the server!


RPG Health


Hope you have fun on the server!

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