Hi Cakelicious players, the server will be closing down towards the end of the month around the 21st. The server no longer gets the attention and updates it needs and is sadly sitting idle and using up energy and resources unnecessarily. Therefore it would be best to close down the server. We wish everyone from the staff team farewell.

While this was the case for about a week, Dest decided to take ownership of the server fully. Cakelicious lives on!

Player shops being remade

grizzogor a posted Jun 24, 18

The player shops are going to be remade as we are moving to a new player shop plugin. Shop owners need to tear down their shops, so we can make new ones. We are switching in a few days.

Make sure to check back on this page to keep updated, or join the Discord at

Hello fellow Cakizens, Important question here.

How do you feel about the current rank up system, rank names, rank up requirements, and rank perks?

If you don't like something how should it be changed or what would you like to see?

If you completely wish to have a new ranking system would you be okay with a rank restart?

Please leave your suggestions and feedback by joining our discord and commenting in #feedback-and-suggestions channel OR in our forums section in the suggestions subcategory for us to consider while we make potential updates and changes to the server.


grizzogor a posted May 25, 18

Spicy has been working hard to bring out this and only took a few days to do it, and I'm really impressed. Here are the updates.

Quests are now available from various NPC's in spawn. NPC's with a music note above their head have quests available. You can track your quests with /quests journal. There are currently 20 different quests available and more to come in future updates.

The Cake Shop is now open with rare items inside. This shop runs off of Cake Points which are earned through questing. If you would like to see more items in the Cake Shop, leave recommendations with our staff. You can get to the shop with /warp cshop

NEW RESOURCE WORLD. We now have a resource world where you can mine and collect anything you want and also allows new dungeon, mansions, temples, and much more to be available for looting. BEWARE! DO NOT BUILD OR LEAVE VALUABLES IN THIS WORLD. THE WORLD WILL BE RESET RANDOMLY TO KEEP RESOURCES FRESH. You can teleport to the resource world with /warp resource.

That's all the feature updates we have today.

Make sure to check back on this page to keep updated, or join the Discord at

Server updates, bug fixes

grizzogor a posted May 22, 18

Spicy has been fixing a lot of bugs on the server, and I thought it would be great to mention here, so here goes.

Voting is now fully working.

/setnight, /votes, /points, and /points help are now available to use. Using the latter two commands, you can now buy website points with in-game currency.

Dynmap is now fully working.

Subscriber Lounge signs have been fixed and fully working.

Nether Star sell price has been reduced to $5k as the original sale price of $15k did not factor in wither skeleton spawners.

Jobs should be rolled-back before the reset.

Player Shops are fully working, but you need to re-make the chest shop in order to make it function.

Gambling machine prices have been changed, spawner machines have been reduced from 50k to 35k, 20k in the sub lounge. Beacon machines have also been reduced from 10k to 8k, 5k in the sub lounge.

Well, that's all the bug fixes we have today.

Make sure to check back on this page to keep updated, or join the Discord at

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