Small Update

SpicyTickle a posted Jul 12, 17

Hello fellow Cakiezens!

Another server update about some changes.

  • Villagers stacking has been fixed

  • Jobs not saving properly has beed fixed

  • The subscriber lounge is now available! To subscribe head over to our shop to purchase/see more details.

  • Trading has now been added so you can now safely trade with players without worry. Access with /trade

  • All the shops/new item prices have been completed and are available in spawn.

As always, thanks for playing on the server and keep checking back for more updates!


SpicyTickle a posted Jul 1, 17

Hello and Happy Canada Day fellow Cakiezens!

I'm here with another server update about some changes.

  • Mob stacking has been added to help reduce server lag.

  • The custom nether is finally complete! Sadly this means that the nether will no longer be accessible by all players and only players of the appropriate rank will be able to access the nether! Go explore for some awesome new custom nether structures and for awesome loot!

  • You can now also link items in the chat for all the other players to see. Simply type "[i]" in the chat while you are holding the item in your hand to link it.

  • An item magnet, which helps attracts item to your player for pickup, has now been added and can be used at certain ranks. You can access it using /mn. You can check this out further on the wiki.

  • Swimming is also way cooler now! You actually look like you're swimming and not awkwardly standing there floating up and down. You can also swim a lot faster now by holding down your sprint button while in the water.

As always, thanks for playing on the server and keep checking back for more updates!

Update 3

SpicyTickle a posted Jun 25, 17

Hello there fellow cakiezens!

Here with another update for the server!

- We have successfully upgraded our servers and you must use the new IP ( to connect to the server.

- There are 2 new vote links now available. One was to replace a broken vote link that no longer worked right and one extra new one. This means there are now 6 links and more voting opportunities to help with rank ups!

- The dynmap has now been fixed and is available in the dynmap tab

- The world has been expanded! The worldborder has been moved and an opportunity to explore new custom terrains is here! So get out there and explore!

- When the server reaches 10 players online notify a staff member to host a drop party!

Some things that are soon to come...

- A custom terrain nether! (Only available on appropriate rank up)

- Finish /sell items

- Finish all merchants in spawn

- Build boss world

- Integrate custom weapons

- Add more permissions to ranks

- Add more points items

As always, thanks for supporting the server! Keep playing and looking out for more updates. Don't forget to also make recommendations in game and on the website forums to possibly see what you want added onto the server. #BlameDest


SpicyTickle a posted Jun 15, 17

Update 2: The server will be down for longer (I completely underestimated the size of our server files. Sorry!). But to help keep some people entertained you can join us to watch some TV show or movies at Please make your username the same as your Minecraft username to be allowed into the room.

Update: The transfer is taking longer than expected. The server will be unavailble until further notice. Sorry for the delay..

Edit: The time has been changed to 8:30 P.M - 11:30 P.M EST on the same day.

Hello there fellow Cakiezens,

We will be upgrading our servers! On Tuesday, June 20, between 8:30 - 11:30 P.M. EST, the server will be temporarily unavailable for a few hours while we fix things up. Sorry for any inconvienence this causes.

The new server should (hopefully) run a lot smoother and have less lag! The server will also be using a new connection IP. No more numbers to remember to connect to the server!

The NEW IP Address is

You can put the IP address on your server list now so you can connect to the server once its ready. (It is currently whitelisted and you will not be able to join until the server upgrade is complete but it can still sit in your server list!)

Like any updates on a server, there is a potential for bugs and errors to occur. So please do feel free to report any bugs/errors that occur after the upgrade in the website forums.

Update 2

desteny84 a posted Jun 9, 17

Hey everyone, sorry I kinda skipped this whole week with the update log, it's been quite busy. But we still have had plenty of fixes!

Since the last update we have added:

- "/rtp" now works

- deleted boss shop

- replaced boss shop with the merchants in town

- Fixed the spam issue slightly

- Finally fixed the problem with everyone always spawning back at spawn all the time

- Veinminer range increased

- removed the fireworks from leveling up on mcmmo so no one dies from that

- fixed everyones time error in ranks

- stopped /worth from deleting items

- fixed vote totals to be more correct

...phew thats a lot, big thanks to the staff team. They did most of this. The following are what we plan to accomplish in the next update

- Build Boss World

- Finish all merchants in spawn

- finish /sell items


- Open the nether to all players

- add more permissions to ranks to make them more fun :)

We look forward to an exciting time with you guys for the next few weeks while we make major updates, Also to all those still in school or just graduating this week, HAPPY SUMMER!

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